Travel 411

We all have been there where we need to travel either for business or for pleasure and find that it comes at a cost.
I literally have had to do my research on every trip I have done over the last few years.
One need to know is what the weather is like in your final destination compared to what it is where you are traveling from so you can pack appropriate attire. (You typically need to pack a bathing suit no matter what since you can find most hotels have an indoor pool.)
As long as you are staying in a hotel/resort you do not need to pack a towel but if you go to a camp site make sure to pack at least one (two if you plan on going swimming). Another thing you do not need to pack unless you have a reason that you need to use your own is shampoo and conditioner. And lets include soap and face wash for that matter. Hotels/resorts provide you with these and replace them daily.
A wonderful way to save is finding out if your hotel/resort offers shuttles to/from the airport or train station. If not you can typically find a shuttle that is cheaper than a cab or even a rental car. I found that Super Shuttle is fantastic. They of course are not called Super Shuttle everywhere but you can find one of their sister-companies at most US airports and they will pick you up and drop you off at the airport, your hotel, or house. Another bonus is you can earn mileage too.
If you haven’t done so already you should activate your credit card for travel rewards or sign up for a frequent flyer mileage card. It is great. You can earn points for your flight, rental car, and so much more that you can easily rack up points to upgrade or travel for free.