We are a boutique company with a desire to grow throughout Chicago. In order to reach our goal of providing 100% satisfaction to our clients, we must be flexible. All our clients have different needs and in order to provide a variety of services to clients, just have to ask. If you are interested in enhancing your life through increased organization, don’t hesitate to contact Thrifty Green Gal to enquire about how our services might help you!

We don’t just clean… we find a logical and functional place for everything, as opposed to just shoving it into a closet and closing the door on the problem.

The cost of service is $200 for 8 hours of service, plus the cost of any containers.

Clutter Removal: For those really messy areas, we will clear the clutter; sort through everything, help you discard any unnecessary stuff, establish a place to put things and find a space for everything.

Closet Organization: Organize any size closet to make it functional and easy to find your things.

Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Living Room, Kids Room Organization: Organize from ceiling to floor to make it functional.

Garages, Storage and Sheds: Your garage, storage and shed areas are an extension of your home, we will organize and store everything so it is easy to find.

Garage Sales: Help handle all aspects of planning and presenting an estate sale, yard sale or garage sale

Paper Management: Need help with the paperwork, we organize everything in files in a traditional way or just forget about paper filing and go digital. We can digitize all your documents as PDFs and store everything on an external Hard Drive right next to your computer. To make things easier we can even make them all searchable with keywords, so you can find them even faster.


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