A Little Bit of Hiatus

Sorry everyone. I have been a little distant again as I have been looking for a new job and that in itself is a full time job as well as working my full time job. Meaning no time for myself or my blog.
I have been searching the internet for job postings and debating on applying for jobs that sound good but I have to think about my commute, the possible pay, and so much before I take the leap to apply. So far I have applied for 6 jobs. All in various locations. Most in Chicago, some in Chicagoland, and one in Dallas. Yes Dallas. The possibilities are endless but the question is can I also work from home? For instance the Dallas job I could have the opportunity to work from home and travel down to Dallas occasionally. Or I might have to re-locate. They haven’t decided if they want to do any hiring yet but this would be a parallel move in my career which is fine by me.

Any who…
I hope to get some posts done this weekend for you.