Drawers Galore

I really hate drawers because they are so hard to organize unless you buy something to organize it. It doesn’t require a lot of time but there is a little bit of cost depending on which way you want to go with an organizer.

Thankfully in my current living space I do not have many drawers, either out of design or out of sheer lack of disgust. The majority of my drawers are in my bedroom are used for clothes. The only other drawers I have are in my kitchen and for the most part are fairly organized. One drawer has an organizer for silverware, another is just hot mitts/pads, and then the last two are sort of a mix of things. The one is filled with all those long boxes (aluminum foil, parchment paper, plastic wrap, Ziploc® baggies) and the other is sort of a disorganized mess of cooking utensils. And this I am fine with.

Recently I haven’t written much as much has been going on. Living arrangements fell through and I am still in my current place. I unpacked all of my belongings, which gave me a second chance to purge. This made me fill up one large box and one medium size box of things ranging from clothes to unnecessary utensils to jewelry.

I did a purge of the drawer in the kitchen that was a disorganized mess of cooking utensils and grabbed lids and tops and duplicates (which I still kept) and tossed into a small bin that is now occupying a cabinet. At least I know that if it isn’t in that drawer it is in the bin.

The fact that I have been able to get rid of so much is a humble blessing as I seem to collect so much. I even pulled the storage cabinet from the front hall closet out and put it in the kitchen to store the mixer, condiments, paper towels, etc. which freed up a lot of space in my cabinets and on my kitchen counters. I had previously filled my cabinets with pantry items and with mixers and baking sheets that I wasn’t able to store my pots and pans or even all my dishes in my cabinets.

Now my counters are cleared, my cabinets are not stuffed and my drawers are organized to the way I work.


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