Oh Where Art Thou?

Well I have been missing out on posting to my blog like I would like to. Between getting ready for the move, working long hours (even though I am salary and don’t get the benefit of overtime), sorting through our belongings on what can stay and what should go to the thrift store, and having my computer hidden on me (hubby thought he was being funny and helpful). I am finally back.

I have been working on paying down my debt even more and have scheduled small payments for my car (just a little more than halfway there for the payments), pay my phone bill, and found a real nice surprise that I didn’t have to pay my cable bill this month (hehe apparently I paid before the statement was posted and a little extra so I don’t have to pay as much the next month). I only have to pay for one more month of rent and then I will be officially moved into the new place. We didn’t find a house yet but we plan to continue to look, most of the places we looked at were not great. We did find a condo for rent that we are going to live in (super excited!!) one town over from where I am currently living. We still have to sign the lease, just waiting on hearing from the realtor. Then the hubby still has to figure out logistics for the movers for him and once he has that figured out I can figure out the logistics for planning movers (which I need to do in the next week… yikes!!!). This is especially a big issue to resolve as I have to travel for work the last week of June and the new place won’t be ready until mid-June so it is going to be a tight schedule.

I haven’t been able to put much into savings this month due to some unexpected bills and gifts (namely medical bills). I definitely haven’t been able to put anything into my IRA but my 401k is thriving… well barely. My 401k is taken out of my paycheck and since it has only been since December I have definitely not had much going toward it. Especially since I had lost my job in October and had to use my 401k to stay afloat with bills (and living expenses) until I started at my current job and since I had to take a one lump sum (to minimize taxes) I used the rest to get ahead on some bills too.

As long as there are no unexpected events that occur in the next 6 months I should have my car roughly 75% paid off and will be ahead of schedule to pay off the loan.

On top of that I have had my credit score go up more than 20 points. Which will help as we look for a house. My credit score hasn’t been the greatest the last year and namely because of my lateness on payments. I took out a credit card which didn’t help my score at first but it is helping now as I continue to make payments with it and pay it off. Another thing that doesn’t help is not having an account open more than 5 years but I am still young that this will be an issue for a while.


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