2013 Goals UPDATED

Just a month since I have published my goals for the year. And some things have happened recently in my life that will help in the long-run but in the meantime I still have to maintain my spending roughly the same.
My hubby got re-located back here (and yes we have been living separately while he has been located in IA for work) and we are looking for a place for us to live together now that he is back here in Illinois. (We could have stayed together if the drive wasn’t the death of our finances.) Both of our leases are up in the next month or so. We have already talked about budget since we have been on our own separate budgets for the past 18 months to keep savings to a maximum. I will contribute a bit to the payments of our new place but will be mainly paying for the utilities (since he makes just a bit more than I do that it just seemed fair). This will help us both financially since we were both paying our own rent, our own electric, etc. I’ll pay for the cable and internet bill too.
Since I still have payments on my car I will be able to pay off my car quicker as I can throw a few more dollars towards my car payments. I’ve also just made it halfway through my payments.
I had opened an IRA with my bank (they don’t have a minimum as long as you have an account with them) and have contributed $125 towards the account. Not much but it is better than nothing and I’ve made a pretty penny in interest. Once I get more in there the interest will start to look better.
For my life goals I am trying for every other week sometimes it happens to be every week which is ok as long as I make it clear that I can’t stay long. I typically stop by because I picked up some clothes for my niece and nephew for them to wear or I had something delivered to their house instead of my apartment (especially since things seem to either go missing or I can’t get to my package because the office has closed for the day).
While my hubby is in transition in his new job he is staying with me and we have been using coupons for as much as we can. Or we at least look for the best deal when we go shopping together (or at least spend 15 mins discussing in the store which offer is the better one. Not really saving time there but at least saving a few bucks).
When we eat out, we eat out fairly cheap. Meaning $7 or less cheap. Which is okay sometimes but we tend to eat at home or will splurge for a more expensive option for lunch/dinner, like Chipotle.
All over all I feel that we are doing fairly well.

Here is a recap of my goals:

2013 Life Goals

See my parents every other week. – For some time I took off from seeing my parents to live my life without them scrutinizing every little thing I do/did. We are slowly working through our rough relationship but we are trying none-the-less.

2013 Financial Goals

Reach a net worth of $10,000 – I am slowly saving between my IRA, my 401k, savings account, secondary checking account (which earns interest), and mutual funds. But I also need to pay off some debt and also pay off my car which technically falls under my debt.
Reduce monthly spending down to the necessities + $100 free for all budget – this is going to be hard since I have to use my credit card at least once a month so I don’t get charged by them.
Use more coupons and membership cards – I can’t tell you how hard it is to use coupons… one I like saving paper and two I don’t get coupons for the things I buy on a regular basis 😦 But I am going to try harder to use coupons. Why membership cards? Well some of them actually give you money back to spend on future purchases and others give you discounts that people who do not have a card can not have (or they give you both). I’ll write a post in the near future about the benefits of membership cards and the pros and cons of each one. 😉

2013 Career Goals

Update my resume – should update every 6 months anyways so this should be something that I do twice a year…
Continue my education – to be able to go places in life you need to be on top of the newest trends and the newest software(s)


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