Store/Restaurant Membership Cards

I have been promising this post for ages…

We all have at least one or even a gazillion membership cards to various locations.

It isn’t a card for a specific location but locations (meaning stores/restaurants) must register with Belly. Every purchase you make earns you points. I originally got this card because of a local bakery but that has since closed and not many places in the area take Belly. So I have since removed this card from my wallet.

Walgreens – Balance Rewards
So far I’ve loved the card. I don’t shop at Walgreens much because of prices but it is convenient to run to if I need something desperately. Plus you get 500 points every time you refill a prescription with them. For every 5,000 points you get $5 off. I haven’t figured out if you can ask for the money in gift card format or not though…

Barnes & Nobles
There is a yearly renew fee. But that is just pennies if you buy all your books from there. It helps as you can save money on purchases when using the card and with the coupons they give members. I haven’t renewed my card this year since I am moving toward eBooks and Amazon for getting my reading materials.

Big Lots
This store is slowly popping up across the nation. It is a wonderful place for discount pricing but be wary as each store management is different. They sell things that other stores could not sell at a discount rate and that includes foods, but they do sell other things that you can still find in stores too.
With their membership card you have to actually spend $20 minimum each time you go there and they are not great with asking for your card so you have to basically wave it at them. Once you make ten purchases of at least $20 or make five purchases of $40 and so on you will save 20% on your next purchase.

Starbucks (Gold Card)
They really don’t call it the gold card anymore since they do not charge for the membership anymore and give out the special cards for the membership fee. But they still offer it. It has changed since it originally was launched too and they make you very aware of the changes in the store (with pamphlets) and via membership emails. For every 12 drinks you buy you earn one free item (can basically be anything you want). I typically order my drink maxed out all the bells and whistles when the free item comes available on my card.
A side note… you can save 10 cents every time you order coffee if you bring your own coffee mug with or without being a member.

Free piece of chocolate once a month and one free piece for your birthday.

IKEA Family US
I haven’t used this card yet but it is a good one to have. Even if you don’t carry your card on you when you go you can easily print a temporary one while you are there. They give discounts on certain pieces for people are a part of the IKEA Family. They have at least one piece from each department with a deal for cardholders but I never find anything that I need or want on the list.

If you have one they are basically null in void. Recently they sent out an announcement to cardholders stating that they would like to pass the savings on to everyone and so you no longer need the card. If you want to still get the coupons they send for spending X amount of money a month you can still use the card but you might have to remind the cashier that is why you are using it.

PetSmart PetPerks
It’s free. You have exclusive in-store pricing so you have discounts to more than 1,000 items in-store every month. If you register all your pets on the card you can get a special birthday greeting to celebrate your dog or cats special day. Receive email notification of sales and events.
PetSmart PetPerks Premium – available when you register your account online.
You must be 13 years or older to participate.

Just to name a few more…

  • Dick Blick
  • CVS
  • Panera Bread
  • Amazon Prime
  • Sephora
  • ULTA

Don’t want to carry all those cards?
Well if you have a smartphone you may not have to. At least with the iPhone they have a few apps that can be used to save all your cards in one location. I use a mix of Passbook (Apple’s own app) and CardStar.


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