2013 Goals

It’s a little late but we still have most of 2013 to go. So better late than never…

2013 Life Goals

See my parents every other week. – For some time I took off from seeing my parents to live my life without them scrutinizing every little thing I do/did. We are slowly working through our rough relationship but we are trying none-the-less.

2013 Financial Goals

Reach a net worth of $10,000 – I am slowly saving between my IRA, my 401k, savings account, secondary checking account (which earns interest), and mutual funds. But I also need to pay off some debt and also pay off my car which technically falls under my debt.

Reduce monthly spending down to the necessities + $100 free for all budget – this is going to be hard since I have to use my credit card at least once a month so I don’t get charged by them.

Use more coupons and membership cards – I can’t tell you how hard it is to use coupons… one I like saving paper and two I don’t get coupons for the things I buy on a regular basis 😦 But I am going to try harder to use coupons. Why membership cards? Well some of them actually give you money back to spend on future purchases and others give you discounts that people who do not have a card can not have (or they give you both). I’ll write a post in the near future about the benefits of membership cards and the pros and cons of each one. 😉

2013 Career Goals

Update my resume – should update every 6 months anyways so this should be something that I do twice a year…

Continue my education – to be able to go places in life you need to be on top of the newest trends and the newest software(s)


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