Get-It-Together Before the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and we have so much to do before we have to prepare for our family and friends to show up for the big Thanksgiving feast.

With just a few minutes a day you can accomplish so much in just a few days. Here are several things to help get you ready for the holidays and bring in the new year as fresh as can be.

  1. Throw out expired coupons
  2. Gather valid coupons and stash them in the glove compartment
  3. Download the pictures from your camera to your computer
  4. Check the stack of magazines and eliminate half
  5. Open your file cabinet and get rid of 5 old files (do this once a week and you should have space to keep filing things next year)
  6. Scan your sock drawer and put any one-offs in a basket. If their matches don’t show up after the next laundry day, toss them
  7. Sew on a button
  8. Clear off the top of the refrigerator
  9. Remove gum wrappers, receipts and ATM slips from your purse
  10. Scan your medicine cabinet and PROPERLY DISPOSE* of any expired prescription, sunscreen and vitamins
  11. Pick up 5 things and put them where they belong
  12. Test your smoke alarms (even better if you put a reminder in your calendar to do it on Daylight Savings Day (in both the spring and fall!))
  13. Write a thank-you note that you’ve been putting off

* DO NOT flush, toss in the trash, etc. so they do not affect the earth and our drinking water. Contact your local pharmacy or your doctor’s office and ask them how to properly dispose of the medication and vitamins


12 thoughts on “Get-It-Together Before the Holidays

    • I’m not sure just yet still have a ways to go before that time of the year rolls around again. But I will put it in as a project! Thank you!

    • No it is Adelle with some personalizations that I did myself. I would love to have my own layout but don’t really have time to build one out at the moment.

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